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If you have been charged with a crime, you need the very best legal representation that you can afford. Depending on the nature and severity of the crime, you might be facing penalties such as:

Payment of exorbitant fines and fees
Years of probation or parole supervision
Lifetime sex offender registration in California or any state in which you reside
Having your name and address placed on an internet sex offender registry database in California or any state in which you reside
Lifetime prohibition from owning weapons
Lifetime registration as a narcotics offender
Lifetime branding as an ex-felon, making it impossible to get a job
Being subject to the "Three Strikes" law in California, subjecting you to mandatory incarceration in state prison
Loss of licenses such as teaching credentials or other state approved licenses

The Law Offices of Joseph S. Farina understands the devastating consequences that conviction of a crime can have on your future. I am committed to providing you with the very best legal defense at affordable prices. With over 23 years of experience in the protecting individual's rights, I am knowledgeable and skilled in all areas of criminal law. Most importantly, I am aggressive and unyielding when it comes to fighting for your legal rights.

I have many years of trial experience in Sacramento County, as well as other counties and have earned a reputation as a tough and uncompromising defender of my client's rights. Unlike many attorneys, I practice only criminal law, which assures you that I am current on all aspects of criminal law and procedure. I handle all my cases personally, which assures you that you will receive my personal attention and commitment to your case.

I know that the criminal justice system can be a confusing and complex system of punitive laws and regulations to the average person. Each year, the legislature enacts more and more draconian laws in areas such as driving under the influence, drug possession and child molestation. Special interest groups and lobbyists have unlimited access to politicians in attempt to get them to pass harsher criminal laws. District attorneys, funded in many cases by money from the state and federal government, routinely overcharge cases in an attempt to convince the general public that they are "tough on crime" and to force clients to accept unreasonable offers. Shouldn't you have an experienced and aggressive attorney representing your interests?

The Law Offices of Joseph Farina offers free initial consultations at our downtown offices, located across from the Courthouse or in the convenience and privacy of your home. We are available by telephone to personally discuss your case with you. We have a staff of private investigators and crime scene investigators, as well as access to mental health professionals and other skilled and trained professionals who can assist in the defense of your case.

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